We are the DuBois family (Joshua, Tina, and our daughter Savanna) we have taken a leap of faith and moved to Thailand. Our family has been on a few short term medical mission trips to the Philippines and to Cambodia. At this time only Joshua has been to Thailand. . So I bet you are asking, why Thailand, and what are you all going to do while there?

We have a daughter and I’m willing to bet that you know someone 14 and under whether boy or girl. You might have a daughter that age, or a sister, or a nephew, or that little girl/boy that lives across the street. So what does it have to do with Thailand? Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking and many of the victims are only children. They range in age, but it is very common for a 12/13-year-old to be trafficked. Thailand is known as the sex-trafficking capital of the world.

It is currently estimated that there are 37 million people worldwide trapped in the bondage of human trafficking. Current statistics reveal that only 1% of those trapped in human trafficking are ever rescued. We are here on the ground in Thailand doing whatever we can to help bring about an end to this exploitation, slavery, and trafficking.


We are volunteers – God called and we have answered the call to serve!

We are dedicated to seeing an end to the exploitation, slavery, and trafficking. So why Thailand; I think the real question is why not Thailand?Joshua and TinaSavanna

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