In His Heart Ministries is passionate about reaching unreached people groups in ways that are beneficial to the people locally in Thailand as well as foreigners who come in as tourists. Our ministry is made up of eight people who have all been called by God to come and make His name known and rescue the captives and free the oppressed. In His Heart is currently involved in a few different things here in Thailand;
Bible Outreach; We are currently partnering with Lights of Asia and pass out Chinese bibles to the Chinese tourists who come through Pattaya. We will be taking this over completely come June of 2018.
Bar Outreach; Joshua and Tina work with Shear Love International as the outreach coordinators. They do outreach multiple times weekly to build relationships with the women/lady boy’s in the bars hoping to lead them out of that lifestyle and into freedom.
Being the hands and feet of Jesus to any NGO that is in need is so important to our team. We believe it’s crucial to work hand in hand with other organizations here in Thailand so that the Kingdom is being advanced in mighty ways!